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Your business has only one chance to stand out today: Mastering what to say, and where to say it.

I help B2B companies and digital marketing agencies plan, implement, and optimize the way they create and promote content.

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Why Content Marketing?

Hear that?

No, not the buzz of your office heater or the muffled laughter of your coworkers recapping their weekend. It’s the ugly, permeating silence around your digital presence.

And it’s deafening. Sup Jake testing14 2342

You might have an amazing website, but if you don’t give your audience the content they crave, you won’t maximize your success.

The only way to stand out in 2017’s crowded digital playing field is to be exceptional. You need to consistently publish thoughtful, high-quality, search-optimized content across multiple platforms, all while taking care of what’s already on your plate. How do you find the time?

That’s where I come in.

Clients Include: