Words That Connect.

It’s a new world in sales and marketing today.

Forrester calls it “the age of the customer.” IBM says it’s the “era of Cognitive.” Whatever you want to call it, today’s buyers have more power than ever. With a click or a few taps on a smartphone, your desired audience can completely block your marketing messages.

To get through, you’ve got to have content that resonates with your customers. Solves their problems. Makes them more productive. Gets them thinking about a new development in their industry.

But there’s a problem. Everyone else is trying to do that too.

It’s not enough to be consistently publishing content that provides value for prospects and customers. You need to be relevant and timely enough with that value to make your audience believe you are speaking directly to them. Then you’ve got to get that content in front of them.

All this poses a question:

How do you create and distribute content that builds, maintains, and motivates a specific audience?

My entire career has been dedicated to finding the answer. I started as a writer, but opportunity and curiosity led me to work as an internal content manager at an agency, copy editor, SEO advisor, social media manager, and more.

These days, I help clients create a comprehensive content strategy across channels like websites, social media, and email. My focus is written content – I use my experience with inbound marketing, video production, SEO, and social media to help content fit into a larger marketing plan that gets results.

What I’m Not

  • A freelance writer. I enjoy writing. I do it on my blog and for a few select clients. Part of my service involves sourcing and polishing writing, but with extremely rare exception, I’m not available for a one-off project. (If you think you’re one of those exceptions, get in touch).
  • An outsourced shop. I have an administrative team and a few very good writers I work with, but I handle all strategy, analysis, and management of the content creation process myself. You’re at the table with me, not a junior account rep or intern. As GaryVee says: “I’m the architect, the mason, & the plumber.”
  • A factory for cheap, quick content. Effective content creation always begins with a strategy. I can help you obtain or create high-quality written content, but only as one component in a larger plan for your business.
  • A full-service marketing agency. I don’t build websites. I don’t design logos. I don’t create e-commerce stores. Yes, all these things can be critical in content marketing, and I have industry-leading partners who can provide them. But I’m only interested in helping my clients create and distribute top-notch content.

To learn more, check out my services page. If you’re looking for a strategic approach to content marketing or a reliable process for developing content, let’s talk.