Small Company, Big Results

I started with this client in fall 2015. They were a new option in a relatively old field dominated by a handful of big players. Like many of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, the founder wanted to disrupt the existing model by leveraging SaaS technology for delivery & scalability.

The first step was creating a buyer persona to understand the challenges and search triggers of the client’s ideal customer. From there, I worked with an inbound marketing consultant to create a plan for monthly blog posts and premium content. The posts and premium content assets were delivered weekly to a large email list.

To drive organic traffic, we optimized each blog post around long tail keywords related to the persona’s search triggers.

Here is a graph showing the client’s organic traffic over a ten-month period, beginning the month I started working with them:

The client’s CEO reported that after three months of executing this content strategy, their inbound leads tripled.