How an equipment company doubled traffic and dominated organic search

I was brought onto this account to help manage and grow the company blog, an awareness-stage lead generating asset. Like many industrial companies, this client faced tremendous competition, even in a relatively small niche.

To stand out, we helped the client complete a strategic discovery based on the pain points, common questions, and buying triggers of their ideal customer persona. We then created weekly blog content around those questions and triggers, optimized and published posts on their WordPress blog, and emailed them to the client’s subscriber list.

Below is a chart of their five-month traffic growth during the year I started working with them:

The green portions represent organic traffic. They went from 7,983 monthly visitors in January, before our engagement began in earnest, to 17,233 in June, after it was in full swing.

This huge surge in traffic was partially from the content’s impact on organic search presence. Because this was a long term engagement of several years, we were able to dominate search engine results pages in their industry:

6-8 (out of 22) of these top-3 ranked keywords are related to the company’s name – all the others are general industry search terms.

So what about their audience?

How did this surge in traffic impact their actual business? Here’s their subscriber growth over the same time period:

In this five-month period, the company gained 668 new leads (contacts) from organic search.

Based on their conversion rates, which were lower than average given the high price and complexity of the sale, this accounted for around 20 new customers, or 4 per month.

Now consider that in this client’s industry, a single customer’s lifetime value is often in the high five-figure range. You don’t need to be a scientist to understand why they were so thrilled with our work.