What’s in a Name? From Product & Company to Personal Brand

To succeed with content marketing, you need a distinct voice and viewpoint. Finding each company’s tone is part of what makes content creation exciting for me. This client is an expert marketer with years of success in services and a popular digital product brand. In early 2016 he decided to strike out on his own.

As a tool for growing his personal brand, he launched a content marketing strategy that used a blog to build an email list. Subscribers were then nurtured into attending a webinar series that would grow and delight his audience by offering valuable, original content from prominent authors, speakers and coaches.

Here is a month-by-month breakdown of his cumulative traffic from the time I started working with him to just before our blogging engagement finished (four months):

You can see the erratic nature of growth in the early stages, but even viewed month-over-month he saw consistent increases in traffic, with particularly explosive results between March and April.

While landing page conversion could have been better, we were still able to drive an average of 137 views to his main offer each month:

For a one-person business with limited distribution (only organic) and a targeted audience, these numbers aren’t bad. They average out to around 8 to 10 new warm leads per month, which is significant in the client’s high-end coaching and consulting model where a single engagement could net thousands of dollars in recurring monthly revenue.